South 75 Business Park Glenpool, OK

South 75 is a commercial development located in Glenpool, Oklahoma, just south of Tulsa. The project is located along the east side of Highway 75 between 161st Street and 171st Street. The project currently includes a Tractor Supply store on 161st Street. Mark Allen Chevrolet, which will be the largest Chevrolet dealership in the State of Oklahoma, is currently under construction with an anticipated opening date of Summer 2018.

It is anticipated that the project will include other car dealerships, retail businesses, restaurants and offices (including office/warehouse). For site information, please contact Rex Robertson with Ford Development Corporation: 214-850-8838,

Land Plan

South 75 Business Park - Land Plan

Lot/Tract Information

Lot/Tract Acres $/Acre Price
Lot 1 13.10 TBD TBD
Lot 2 3.42 TBD TBD
Lot 3 2.57 TBD TBD
Lot 4 2.58 TBD TBD
Lot 5 1.68 TBD TBD
Lot 6 3.70 TBD TBD
Lot 7 5.88 TBD TBD
Lot 8 5.54 TBD TBD
Lot 9 7.15 TBD TBD
Lot 10 7.51 TBD TBD
Lot 11 7.43 TBD TBD
Lot 12 5.66 TBD TBD
Lot 13 5.32 TBD TBD
Lot 14 5.94 TBD TBD
Tract A 7.35 TBD TBD
Tract B - - SOLD
Tract C 18.19 TBD TBD
Tract D 21.09 TBD TBD


Ford Development Corporation
Rex Robertson